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We understand that every institution of higher education is unique. Residence life programs are structured to provide a student experience that benefits the particular culture of that institution and contributes to preparing each student for the rest of their life. The essence of the residence life goals is generally summarized in a mission statement or vision, which serves to guide our process. Our team believes that every student housing development should be measured against a set of values that serve as guiding principles in their design and encourage:

• The making of life-long relationships
• Informal intellectual discourse
• Reinforcement and enhancement of the mission of the institution
• Personal, civic and intellectual growth and development through individual and group experiences
• The opportunity for solitude when desired
• Respect for its surroundings
• School spirit, creativity; and a shared sense of community

Gone are the days of “old-style dormitories” and “large dining halls.” Today’s colleges and universities know that innovative housing is the most effective means of building a sense of community among its students. The most successful student housing projects use valuable land and resources to support the mission and culture of the school, contribute to the vibrancy of campus life, and provide quality accommodations for an increased number of students, through an off-campus model and experience.